The California Aviation Caucus was established for the purpose of protecting and promoting the aviation industry, which is vital to the state’s economy and welfare.  It will emphasize informing and educating members, staff, and the general public on the vital roles of the many functions and services performed and provided by aviation in state transportation system and the national transportation system as a whole.

As a bi-partisan, bi-cameral group, the caucus’ goal is to foster and promote all forms of aviation business, recreation and related activity, to the understanding and support of services provided by various forms of aviation activity, and to support legislation that creates jobs, improves transportation between communities within the state and across state boundaries, enhances emergency services, and improves the aviation business climate.

(left, above - Assemblyman Jim Patterson, Chair; lower left, Senator Richard Roth, Co-Chair
right, lower - Senator Jean Fuller, Chair Emeritus)

Specifically, the purpose of the Aviation Caucus is:

  • Inform members, staff, and the general public of the importance of aviation to the state’s economy and transportation system.
  • Support a steady and adequate source of funding for the state’s aeronautics programs.
  • Support the maintenance and improvement of the state’s airports system.
  • Support the creation of aviation related jobs.
  • Support economic policies that are competitive with other states to incentive commercial investment in California.
  • Support policies that improve and streamline the CEQA process.
  • Encourage the focus on STEM in primary and secondary education for preparing a competitive workforce.
  • Encourage the enhancement of aviation related trade and technical courses throughout the state community college system.
  • Encourage local governments to ensure compatible land uses in airport environs.
  • Promote tourism.