California has always been a place where dreamers created a future that others soon took as common and ubiquitous.  When John Sutter first discovered gold in 1848, this brought the world to seek their fortunes in the Sierra Foothills.  Amongst the waves of humanity who sought their dreams, was one Jeddah Smith, who crafted the pathway of the Transcontinental Railroad across the Sierras, and helped to join this nation from sea to shining sea.

In the mid-twentieth century, the grandchildren of these early pioneers began to craft new frontiers of industry and enterprise, with applied science, technologies, and mathematics in creating the era of aviation that shrank the world and expanded our horizons.  On October 2, 1042, the American jet age was born with the first flight of the Bell XP-59A Airacomet at Muroc Dry Lake, piloted by Robert Stanley.  This first jet was one of many unique designs that California's aviation enterprises would create in the coming years.

In fact, California's aviation infrastructure and industry was the birth place of this nation's aerospace enterprise.  This new era of Human flight was accomplished with the world's first variable thrust rocket to carry a man in flight, and travel faster than the speed of sound, on the wings of the Bell X-1, flown by Captain Chuck Yeager, on October 14, 1947.  This piercing of the sound barrier was the beginning of entirely new explorations, into unknown realms of human knowledge that continues to this day in the enterprises, and industry, of aviation and aerospace here in California.

California Aviation Day was first introduced in 2013 to provide an instrumental opportunity for users of the industry to inform legislators, staff, and the general public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the state. The activities and services supported by aviation are critical to transportation, trade, commerce, emergency and medical services.  The goal is to increase the visibility of aviation to legislators and communities across California and to raise awareness of the impact it has to our everyday lives. Industry partnership and legislative support has led to the continued success of California Aviation Day at the Capitol.

In 2017, California Aviation Day was expanded to include the aerospace industry and the event name was updated as "California Aerospace and Aviation Days."  The 2022 event is expected to be much larger as more aerospace and aviation businesses have committed to participate in the annual "exhibit day" that provides the opportunity to showcase the industry and talk with industry experts about aviation and aerospace goals and missions, along with seeing first hand actual products and information on what the future of both aviation and aerospace holds for the nation and the world.